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   MPD-3303D Series


MPD-3303D Series
Multi-channel Programmable Linear DC Power Supply
MPD-3303D Series include two models with the maximum output current of 3A and 5A. MPD-3303D Series provide 195W output capacity, three independent outputs, digital panel control, large display, bright LED indicators, 100mV / 10mA output resolution, 4 sets of setup memory, USB remote control, smart cooling fan control, easy operation and a wide selection of panel settings. All these features make MPD-3303D Series meet the requirements of various forms desktop and integrated system testing.

Main Features 

● Three independent output: 30V/3A(5A)×2, 2.5V/3.3V/5V/3A×1(fixed)
● 4 LED display: 3 digits voltage, 3 digits current
● Minimum resolution: 100mV,10mA
● Digital panel control(rotary encoder switch, rubber key with indicator)
● User-friendly operation, coarse/fine control for voltage and current
● 4 sets of panel setup Save/Recall
● Key-Lock
● Warning Buzzer
● Output ON/OFF
● Tracking series and parallel mode
● Software calibration
● Smart cooling fan achieving low noise
● Compact design
● PC software & USB driver
Interface Features
1.  Bright LED display shows settings or actual level of output.
2.  The independent CH3 output offers three commonly used voltage settings: 2.5, 3.3V, 5V.
3.  C.V. / C.C. modes are clearly indicated in different colors.
4. Smart cooling fan control offers a well-balanced cooling mechanism, ensuring quiet operation.
5. The tracking series and parallel mod can be selected with a single touch.
6. Indicators embedded in the keys provide an instant view of the power supply status; the Key Lock feature prevents improper operation.


CH1 Output Ratings
CH2 Output Ratings
Meter Resolution
USB Interface
CH3 Output Ratings
0~30V/0~3A 0~30V/0~3A Voltage: 100mV; Current: 10mA Yes 2.5V/3.3V/5V/3A
0~30V/0~5A 0~30V/0~5A Voltage: 100mV; Current: 10mA Yes 2.5V/3.3V/5V/3A
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